4-2 Gaming Moods: When Only a Certain Game or Genre Will Do

It’s likely just me as I’m a very fickle gamer, but I’ve noticed that I fall into specific gaming moods. I’ll go months and months with playing nothing but The Binding of Isaac because I’m very much into roguelites and then all of a sudden I’m super into turn-based strategy games like Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

When a mood like this strikes, I will lose all interest in any other games and the only thing that satisfies that itch is to dive even deeper into said game. I’m currently in one of those moods and have been playing nothing but Civilization VI.

I think one reason the game is working so well right now is because I can pick it up and set it aside in shorter gaming sessions. I might just have a half hour for a handful of turns OR I could end up playing for an hour and a half before bed (just one more turn, my last, I promise).

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