2-8 Halloween: Skins, Lootboxes, & Events

I doubt I’ll ever purchase another Blizzard game again, and the only one that might seriously tempt me is Diablo 4, but I’d have to think long and hard about that because, I’m not a fan of their political stance with regards to China & Hong Kong.

All that being said, I have Overwatch on the brain. It’s Halloween and I’m thinking of Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event and all the cool skins you can pick up for our motley crew of heroes/villains. It’s the one thing I will most most about this kind of ‘event gaming’. Those skins are dope.

These skins look amazing. Even then, it’s double-edged. They may look amazing but there’s no guarantee you’ll unlock these skins unless you shell out a ton of money on lootboxes.

This kind of ‘event gaming’ is so seductive because of course you want the latest cool looking Halloween costume/skin. And it’s not just Overwatch, it’s a ton of other games: Destiny 2, Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, Pokemon Go, Rocket League, etc.

They may look cool, but looking cool has always come with a price tag.

1-8 Depression: Playing Difficult Games to Fight My Own Demons

I recently made a post on MetaFilter about Blasphemous, a souls-like 2D metroidvania sidescroller. egypturnash made the following remark:

It looks very pretty but I do not think I am at a point in my life where I need a brutally difficult Metroidvania full of melancholy, sadness, and angst,

While I can respect this opinion, I think the last few years of my gaming life has actually pulled me towards more games like this. My favorite game is arguably one of the most frustrating bullet-hell rogue-lites of all time. I frequently find myself replaying Dark Souls II and other souls-like games where the difficulty is elevated and a part of the fun.

Stepping away from the actual game-play, the themes of these games are also pretty consistent. They are often set in grimdark worlds filled with monsters, demons, the undead. In Binding of Isaac, you literally battle Satan.

I could see why a game like this would depress someone. But for me, there’s a comfort in these games. Good and evil are clearly delineated. Also, battling demons with a sword is just fun. 🙂